ZX14 12'+

Kawasaki ZX-14 12+ Catalyst Bodywork from iOneMoto

The Kawasaki Zx14 12+ is a high-performance, four-stroke motorcycle that offers outstanding power and control. In fact, it’s considered one of the fastest motorcycles on the planet for its size.

Many people enjoy the thrill of going fast on their bikes, but truthfully, the Kawasaki Zx14 12+ is a motorcycle designed for racing. The stock bodywork, however, can be improved upon. That’s why many racers use bodywork to adapt this model for optimal drag racing performance.

The Kawasaki ZX14 is a great motorcycle for the right rider, and most riders opt to customize their steeds. Fortunately, if you want to personalize it to a specific use, there are many bodywork options available to make your bike look and perform like an absolute beast!

Kawasaki ZX-14 12+ Bodywork by Catalyst

Catalyst bodywork for the ZX-14 is obviously an excellent choice for customizing the perfect fit and look for the Kawasaki ZX14 specs. Importantly, it’s also a great way to decrease weight and drag, improve aerodynamics, and maximize comfort. No matter what racing style you enjoy, having the best equipment out there will always give you an advantage over other competitors on the track.

Kawasaki ZX14 Fairings by Catalyst

With a Catalyst Supersport upper (which looks better when combined with our Supersport lower), you can select between an open or closed intake, and whether or not there’s a place cut out for a headlight. Alternatively, if you prefer to stick a little closer to the original design, you can always go with a custom-fit, stock-style upper and the compatible stock-style tail.

Our ProStreet sides are another great customization option for ProStreet racers. In fact, you can round out your kit with our ProStreet tank, which is the ideal fit for our Outlaw and ProStreet tails.

Catalyst Drag Racing Bodywork for Kawasaki ZX-14

Meanwhile, drag racers are always trying to get their positioning lower, and closer to the front. This helps to keep the front wheel on the ground, and it optimizes aerodynamics.

So drag racers will appreciate our drag step seat that comes hand-finished with a grey primer that makes it ready for a custom paint job. Install this lowered tank, and the appropriate lowered tank top, to improve comfort, lower your positioning, and improve your aerodynamic profile.

You can also choose to lower your fender as well. This puts you almost an extra inch lower than the stock fenders.

Kit Your Kawasaki ZX14 with Custom Bodywork from iOneMoto

A slick beast like the ZX-14 deserves to be outfitted in the highest quality, custom-fit, race bodywork. At iOneMoto, we recognize that it can be stressful trying to find the right aftermarket customizations for your steed. You want to be confident that the fit will be snug, the work will reduce the weight of your bike, and the materials will be durable.

Fortunately, we’re passionate about kitting out motorcycles with the highest performing race bodywork on the market. If you want to know more about custom bodywork for your Kawasaki ZX-14 12+, today.

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