Kawasaki Zx10 Components

Kawasaki released the ZX-10R as a successor to the ZX-9R and has received numerous advances since its 2004 launch. More recently, the release of the 2021 ZX-10 had a large investment in improving the platform by bringing in new tech and aero packages.

Components For Ninja ZX-10 Motorcycles

The 2021 ZX-10R is the newest model in the series from Kawasaki. It has a compact twin-cylinder engine and lightweight trellis made of high-tensile steel. With the 2021 model, you receive Assist and Super Clutch and the Economical Riding Indicator for engine management. With the ergonomic fit, the 2021 model retains the trademark ZX-10R riding position.

We recommend that you take a look at our TighTails subframe and add our carbon SE MOTO Kawasaki ZX10 11’+ tank shroud. If outfitting a new build, review the SharkSkinz® Kawasaki ZX10 21’+ Race Kit, which will provide more value and everything you should need to start.

For a throwback to the motorcycle’s inception, the 2004-2005 ZX-10R delivered adrenaline for track riders. In contrast, the 2006-2007 ZX-10R incorporated feedback from users but still had a learning curve. Later 2008, ZX-10R models would have proper upgrades for the cycling world, to focus on aesthetics and comfort.

Customizing The Ninja ZX-10R

As one of the lightest and most powerful bikes on the market, the ZX-10 deserves bodywork that is just as dependable. With the right tail and a streamlined tank, you can maintain the aerodynamic profile of the bike to ensure there’s little to slow you down. If the drag strip is your goal, then adjusting the seating position would be possible with the drag step seat.

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The Kawasaki ZX-10 is an exotic bike that has been a favorite among riders for the past 20 years. Its 2021 design and technology are unparalleled, with more powerful performance and next-generation features.

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