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Kawasaki Racing Parts

Kawasaki motorcycles are known for their sleek, sporty design and top podium finishes. With a serious presence on the FIM SUPERBIKE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP over the recent years. They have a long history of producing high-quality bikes that are reliable and fast, which attracts serious road and drag racers.

Today, Kawasaki pushes boundaries with every new bike they produce. To keep up with them, racers need aftermarket bodywork that’s just as reliable and boundary pushing. The bodywork produced by iOneMoto is custom designed to fit perfectly with your Kawasaki race motorcycle to address your road and drag needs.

Kawasaki Fairings

Kawasaki fairings from iOneMoto are considered to be some of the highest quality available in the industry. Whether you need ZX14 fairings for the ¼ mile or Ninja 400 fairings to start road racing, there are a variety of designs and styles available, so you can choose the one that fits your needs.

However, fairings aren’t just great for aesthetic value, they also provide essential protection and aerodynamics. Our SharkSkinz road racing bodywork and Catalyst drag racing bodywork are favorite designs among Kawasaki motorcycle owners.

Ninja 400 18’+

The Ninja 400 18’+ is a newer motorcycle in the 400cc class. With a supersport kit from SharkSkinz, you can outfit your bike with specially designed equipment meant to protect your bike and preserve your speed.

Ninja ZX6\636 19′

The Ninja ZX6\636 19’+ has one of the largest fan followings in their four-stroke motorcycle line. Its race-inspired frame and superb handling make this bike a favorite among Kawasaki fans, racers, and sharkskinz lovers alike. With a TighTails subframe riders will have an extra rigid seating platform, while the aluminum design minimizes the weight added to your bike.

ZX10 21’+

The Kawasaki ZX10 21’+ is one of the most high-tech machines in their racing motorcycle line. This bike offers a thrilling ride on both the road and the track.


ZX14 is a road-legal bike, but don’t let that fool you. Its build is specifically designed for drag racing purposes. Since it’s road legal, you might assume that means its bodywork isn’t built to withstand the road and track conditions. iOneMoto is the authority for all ZX14 drag racing bodywork. Leading the way to providing customers with the right solutions.

Outfitting Your Kawasaki Motorcycle

The Kawasaki brand has had a long history, and they’ve been producing race-winning motorcycles for over sixty years. Customizing these machines means finding aftermarket parts that are developed specifically for each model. Choosing the wrong equipment can often mean unwanted results and appearance.

At iOneMoto, we understand that it isn’t always easy to track down the best parts for your ride. With so many options on the market, you want to know that you’re selecting the highest quality parts before you invest. Because we are passionate about racing and road racing bodywork, we enjoy helping riders like you to find what you need. If you want to speak with us about your favorite bike, reach out to our team today.

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