HAYABUSA 08'-21'

Custom Fit Race Bodywork for the Hayabusa 08-21

The Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa has been a staple in the motorcycle world for over 20 years. The bike is known for being a fun and reliable ride, with a well-proven chassis that makes it an excellent choice for the discerning rider.

The ‘08 Hayabusa is a superior model, a popular sport bike, and a reliable racer. It also has awesome potential for custom race bodywork to enhance the performance of this racing machine.

Many owners are looking for ways to make their bikes stand out, and custom-fit race bodywork from iOneMoto is an excellent way to do so. Custom motorcycle racing bodywork can improve airflow by increasing downforce and reducing drag, while also improving stability at high speeds.

Fairings and Bodywork for Suzuki Hayabusa

There are many advantages to custom race bodywork, including increased comfort and improved aerodynamics. In general, stock fairings leave much to be desired in terms of wind protection and aerodynamics.

Fortunately, there are plenty of aftermarket options available to address this deficiency. For the 2008 Suzuki Hayabusa model, the most reliable brands for this type of racing bodywork are SE Moto and Catalyst from our team at iOneMoto.

Catalyst Bodywork for Suzuki Hayabusa 08-21

Catalyst offers high-performance, custom-fit composites that fit your Hayabusa like a glove. Our ProStreet tanks and lowered tanks, for example, give you the option to modify your stock tank and maximize comfort and performance while you race. Other tank modifications include our Grudge Tank top with wings and our ProStreet 4 Tank top.

Speaking of ProStreet, if you’re suiting up for ProStreet on a stock frame, you’ll want a custom-fit ProStreet or Outlaw tail to match. Alternatively, for those with a cut frame rail bike, you can opt for this extended, shootout tail with optional tail light bracket.

Hayabusa 08-21 Upper and Lower Bodywork from Catalyst

Of course, Catalyst also offers the custom upper and lower bodywork you’re looking for to personalize your steed. Whether you prefer Supersport Hayabusa fairings, or something a little closer to the bike’s original design – such as our stock-style Turbo bodywork – you’re certain to find the customization you want at iOneMoto.

SE Moto Drag Step Seats for 08-21 Suzuki Hayabusa

SE Moto offers drag step seats for your Suzuki Hayabusa 08+ that can be produced with or without brackets. You can opt for the natural look of the pre-preg carbon fiber, or select a glossy black finish for a more brilliant aesthetic.

Outfit Your Suzuki Hayabusa 08-21 with iOneMoto

If you’ve invested in the Suzuki Hayabusa, then you recognize quality. However, while stock bikes can be powerful and impressive on their own, aftermarket drag racing and road racing bodywork allows you to personalize your ride and reduce weight and drag, thereby boosting your aerodynamic profile.

If you recognize quality, then you understand the importance of collaborating with bodywork manufacturers who understand your drive to stand out and stand above. Designed and produced right here in the United States, your custom motorcycle bodywork from iOneMoto is guaranteed to impress. To find the perfect bodywork for your ‘21 Hayabusa, reach out to our team today.

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