Motorcycle Fairing FAQs

While fairings are certainly one of the most important parts of a racing motorcycle, they’re also one of the more misunderstood ones. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the questions we get asked most often.

Motorcycle Fairings FAQ

These are some of the questions people approach us with most often when they write to the crew at iOneMoto.

What are the Benefits of Fairings?

Aftermarket motorcycle fairings provide several benefits to professional racers and riding enthusiasts alike. Primarily, they reduce total weight and complexity of factory bodywork, and improve overall aerodynamics.

Additionally, they preserve the look of the original motorcycle while also giving it a better aesthetic finish that can be personalized with racing team and sponsor logos. Finished aftermarket fairings meet certain safety standards while also ensuring that they don’t violate the rules put forward by some closed spec racing series.

Our aftermarket fairings aren’t designed the exact same way that OEM ones, due largely in part to manufacturing differences. However, they do preserve a certain percentage of the original look and feel while improving performance statistics.

What are the Types of Fairings?

There are a few different types of fairing categories. Street, Road Racing, Drag Racing and Custom are just a few.

iOneMoto is highly specialized and focuses on the Road Racing and Drag Racing categories.

Road racing fairs improve oil retention and maintain the original look of the motorcycle, while the Drag racing bodywork streamlines some of the original characteristics.

How to Paint Your Motorcycle Fairings?

The easiest method is to simply take your fairings to a shop that specializes in this kind of work, though you could in theory do it yourself. We don’t make any suggestions, considering that the decision to paint fairings is quite personal, but there have admittedly been some people that do brilliant work with nothing but a rattle can.

However, it’s still important to remember that most of the painting is prep work. This way you have a more welcoming canvas, regardless of whether you plan on going the rattlecan route or taking your bike to a pro shop. Our fairings, for example, come finished in a grey premiere and require a light scuff before paint.

How to Remove Your Motorcycle Fairings?

Taking the fairings off of many motorcycles is as easy as using an assortment of Allen wrenches to loosen the bodywork so you can then pull it off. Rubber or plastic grommets may further block the way, but these can generally be removed afterward with a minimum of difficulty. You can use stock bolts, or you can choose to swap out bolts for different materials and grades.

How to Repair Cracked Motorcycle Fairings?

Small damages to composite motorcycle fairings are generally easy to repair by someone with DIY experience. Unfortunately, larger crash events make simple repairs impossible; in those cases, full replacement of affected components are necessary. Fortunately, at iOneMoto, we boast a diverse catalog of individual parts so that you can easily find the ideal replacement to maintain your rig.

Answer Your Motorcycle Fairings Questions at iOneMoto

While these might represent many of the most common questions among riders and racers, you might be looking at something a little more in-depth. If you have more questions about aftermarket race bodywork for your motorcycle, reach out to our team today.