Catalyst Motorcycle Performance Parts

In the world of motorcycle racing, it’s all about having a competitive edge. That’s why many racers choose to outfit their bikes with Catalyst’s performance-enhancing parts to give them an extra boost in aerodynamics and speed.

The Catalyst line from iOneMoto offers high-quality materials that include lightweight composites for optimum strength and durability. The perfect choice for motorcycle drag racers, all Catalyst composites offer a variety of features that make them the best in the industry. From their thick construction to their lightweight design, these composites will give your bike an edge on the competition.

Catalyst Racing Composites

Catalyst Racing Composites became a part of the iOneMoto family in the summer of 2017. As leaders in the drag racing industry, they were known for their innovative developments in motorcycle dragbike bodywork.

With iOneMoto, Catalyst shares responsibility with SharkSkinz race bodywork by continuing the brand’s legacy for high-performance drag racing components. Catalyst provides a superior combination of strength, stiffness, vibration damping, and weight savings over stock motorcycle parts. These composites have been engineered for maximum durability and aerodynamics.

Catalyst Motorcycle Race Fairings

Catalyst motorcycle bodywork includes a variety of aftermarket parts for a wide range of motorcycles. From Agusta to Yamaha, motorcycle drag racers are sure to find what they need.

Suzuki SV650 Fairings

Racers who prefer the Suzuki SV650 have the option to outfit their bikes with Catalyst’s high-performance racing fairings. With lower fairings for models released between 2003 and 2011, or a supersport tail for your 1999-2002 model, you can personalize your steed and improve its aerodynamic profile.

GSXR Race Fairings

There’s a large selection of bodywork options for Suzuki GSXR motorcycles. This 2005 GSXR 600 race fairing, for example, maximizes performance by outfitting your bike with a supersport lower race fairing.

We have many components to optimize your GSXR1000, from lowered tanks to supersport tails. You can replace the stock seat with a drag step seat to help you maintain your position on your bike, or you can opt for a supersport upper fairing to streamline your profile.

Kawasaki Ninja 650 Race Fairings

With this supersport motorcycle race body kit, you can deck out your Kawasaki Ninja 650 with a complete bodywork upgrade. Featuring the upper, lower, and tail fairing, the aerodynamic profile of your Ninja 650 will be optimized to provide you with greater speed and responsiveness.

Where to Find Catalyst Motorcycle Race Bodywork

Catalyst complements the iOneMoto family by providing motorcycle drag racers with the same high quality that road racers have come to expect from SharkSkinz fairings. However, we recognize that, when it comes to your motorcycle, you have an abundance of choice in how you outfit and modify your ride.

The iOneMoto team is proud to offer the latest in Catalyst composite motorcycle racing technology. Our products are manufactured with quality materials and craftsmanship, while at the same time providing uncompromising performance. You can learn more about how Catalyst components can improve the performance of your motorcycle by reaching out to our team today.

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