Motorcycle Tails

Motorcycle Tails

Nothing looks cooler than a highly customized bike rumbling down the track, but in order to get the feel of a ride like this you’ll need some customized motorcycle tails. While they might be an overlooked part of the equation, motorcycle tails are something you’ll want to give some thought to if you’re redoing your own ride.

Whether you’re a drag racer or a sport rider who turns laps down at the track, there should be any number of motorcycle tails available that can help you get what you want out of your ride.

What is a Motorcycle Tail?


Just like the name says, a motorcycle tail is essentially the rear section of a bike. A passenger can sit on it on an OEM ride while it’s usually more streamlined on those that have been customized for racing. Both stock and supersport motorcycle tails are available.

What is the Use of It?

On a regular street bike, it provides a mount for a passenger while also putting a little extra style on it. However, different tails can be selected for one of several purposes, such as personal preference, but usually, riders are building a bike to do a specific form of racing.

For example, road racing tails remove the capability of carrying a passenger. Drag racing tails are selected because of style for some or for rules, such as installing long swing arms to cover over the rear tire that can be a long ways away.


Where is It Placed on Motorcycles?

Technically, it’s installed directly on the frame. More specifically, the tail is mounted on a subframe if the particular bike in question has one.

How to Apply It to the Motorcycle

A mechanic or rider simply has to remove the existing one and mount the new one on. While we can provide instructions if necessary, it’s usually not as complicated as changing out many other components on a motorcycle.

Where to Buy Motorcycle Tails

You won’t have to shop around because you can order motorcycle tails directly from iOneMoto. This cuts out any of the retailers or intermediaries that make shopping for custom parts a pain.

Can We Replace Motorcycle Tails?

Our organization makes motorcycle tails that are designed for road racing and drag racing. Road racers will want to remove the tail light and fixtures to make the bike as streamlined as possible. This means that you won’t have any lenses or other parts to get in the way.

Drag racers will sometimes keep the lens, especially if they’re into night racing. Rules regarding wheelbase sizes and other dimensions stipulate how motorcycle tails have to be made in order to use them in competitive drag events. Rather than do the physical work, we ship you the parts and you’re free to do as you wish in your own shop.

At times, dragsters might need to pay close attention to stay in spec. They’ll have to check the rear wheel tail cover, which might need a drastic extension some 21″ longer than the original. Again, though, getting the work done shouldn’t be any harder than ordering a part and getting it shipped direct to you so you can mount it however you need.

Get Aftermarket Motorcycle Tails from iOneMoto

Whether you ride a Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha or any other great motorcycle, you can get your tails from iOneMoto. Contact us online today for more information about what’s available for the kind of bikes your team races.

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