Motorcycle Fuel Tanks

Motorcycle Fuel Tanks

What would you do if your motorcycle’s engine couldn’t get any of the fuel it needed to run? Chances are you wouldn’t get very far down the track, that’s for sure. That’s precisely why motorcycle fuel tanks are so important.

Just like they would with any other part, racing teams will want to customize their fuel tank selection to get the best performance for their application. The iOneMoto collection has you covered in this department.

motorcycle fuel tanks

What are Motorcycle Fuel Tanks?

As the name suggests, these are simply the mechanism that holds the fuel. It also provides a location for the rider to hold on with their thighs. It holds the fluid required for the fire-breathing motor to accelerate!

What are They Used for?

All bikes that run off of internal combustion engines need some place to put the fuels. Racing teams that demand additional performance out of their rides can opt for super-modified lighter composite tanks.

Using modified tanks in drag racing allows the rider to change the weight distribution and the ergonomics. Road racing teams use composite tanks to replace tanks that can no longer be sourced, and they even use composite tanks to allow for more fuel in an endurance format.

What are the Types of Fuel Tanks?

OEM ones are made from aluminum, steel, composite or plastic. A majority of those tend to be metallic compounds, which might add an additional amount of weight to a ride. We make fiberglass composite tanks, and we are one of the very few suppliers that make these available to those who competitively drag race.

Where to Buy Motorcycle Fuel Tanks

Rather than shop around and hope you can find the right part, all you have to do is order directly from iOneMoto. We’ll ship the parts right to you so there’s no concern about having to deal with sketchy online suppliers. Our parts are made in the USA and shipped to you from a domestic address.

How to Install Fuel Tanks

The answer depends somewhat on the model you’re riding. Essentially, you just have to disconnect the existing ones and remove the fuel line so you’re free to swap in a new one. Customers and shops are generally able to figure this out with a minimum of difficulty, so there usually isn’t too much planning that goes into it. Those with special concerns can always ask our team for a little guidance.


Can Fuel Tanks be Replaced?

Absolutely, and there shouldn’t be too much work involved. A new aftermarket composite tank can allow the rider to be further forward or in a different position depending on the racing discipline they’re involved with. These can be installed in several different orientations as well, which should help to serve the needs of the widest selection of customers.

Get Your Aftermarket Motorcycle Fuel Tanks from iOneMoto

We make drag racing tanks available to a large cross-section of the sport, and at times we’ve also supplied them to road racers. Whenever you need some custom parts, contact our team online and we’ll get you the equipment you need to fuel up your bike and storm right out on the track.

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