KAWASAKI ZX6R <br>09-12' <br>RACE KITS


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SharkSkinz® KAWASAKI ZX6R 09-12' RACE KITS

Uses FOUR fasteners to attach upper and lower. 

Uses FOUR fasteners to attach tail and draftshield. 

Supersport Kit includes: Upper, Lower, Supersport Tail, Front Fender

Superbike Kit includes: Upper, Lower, Superbike Tail, Front Fender

Catalyst Racing Composites originally specialized in bodywork for the drag racing and road racing industry. Since iOneMoto's acquisition of Catalyst in 2017 the brand was altered to focus only on drag racing. The previous road racing bodywork is still available as replacement parts only. Parts below will not interchange with SharkSkinz® bodywork.

  • Weight: 20 lbs.
  • Package Dimensions: W23 x H22 x L35