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SUZUKI Hayabusa 08'+ Prostreet 4 Tank (External fuel pump only)
This tank drops down lower in the back to work with the cut frame rail bikes. If you have a stock frame, then this tank is not for you. Because this tank is so low, it's only available in the 99-00 in/out bung internal fuel pump will not fit. It works with a Scott dampener. This tank is a Prostreet 3 with wings to cover the space between the tank and the frame. The bottom has been redesigned to reduce fuel capacity and weight while giving more room in the plenum area. This tank is noticeably lighter than the other Prostreet tanks. 

The supercharged version is a lot different on the bottom than the regular PS4, the fuel is all in the front of the tank not the back. The blower sits where the fuel would be on the regular one.

  • 15 lbs.
  • W21 x H17 x L33
  • This item ships in its own box.