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Remove muffler assembly as directed in kit pipe
directions. Install Termi front mount to engine prior to pan install.
Drill 2 holes in both sides of pan bottom to accept M-5 well nuts to
facilitate sidepanel mounting. Press in well nuts from outside.
Drill the two holes at the rear mount to slip onto studs at rear of
oil sump. There is a third dimple on the bottom that may be drilled
out to accept a rubber plug which allows access to the oil drain plug
with a wobbly socket, it also doubles as a drain for rain race
conditions. Oil changes without a hole here will be unpleasant. Drill
the two dimples on both sides where the front muffler screws must go
through. Slip front of pan on to the radiator shroud, it will "cup"
into place. Raise rear to slip onto sump studs and affix with M-5
nuts, regular nuts are easier to use than the stock flanged ones.
Muffler front bracket should now be inside the pan and line up with
drilled holes. Adjust hole size/shape as needed. Finish pipe install
as directed. Heat shielding is highly recommended in the front
cylinder header area. A standoff spacer may be necessary with large
bore header.

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