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For the absolute best in fit, finish, and design look no further than SharkSkinz® for the ultimate in your road racing bodywork needs. Always on the leading edge of innovation while consistently applying the newest research and development to our manufacturing, we promise to bring you the lightest, strongest and most durable products available on the market. With over 27 years of specialized experience in the road racing industry we have the reputation for being the best in the business for very good reason. SharkSkinz® has everything you need to fulfill your vision of owning the perfect road racing machine. Passion, Perfection, Drive. It’s what you’re looking for on the track and it’s what we put into every part we manufacture. Whether it’s because we use only the highest grade aerospace epoxy resin and fiberglass or the fact that we are one of the few remaining manufacturers choosing not to outsource but instead still making everything in house here in the USA, when you order from SharkSkinz® not only are you supporting much needed local jobs in America, you are partnering with a successful team with a proven track record to ensure that only the best in quality and performance will be delivered to your front door.

Uses FOUR fasteners to attach upper and lower. 

Kit includes: Upper, Lower, Superbike Tail, Superbike Tail Spacers, Front Fender

Catalyst Racing Composites originally specialized in bodywork for the drag racing and road racing industry. Since iOneMoto's acquisition of Catalyst in 2017 the brand was altered to focus only on drag racing. The previous road racing bodywork is still available as replacement parts only. Parts below will not interchange with SharkSkinz® bodywork.

  • Weight: 20 lbs.
  • Package Dimensions: W23 x H22 x L35